Iceland – Part 2 – A World of Ice (Ice Blue Cave, Diamond beach, Diamond lagoon, country side)

For 2 days, we travelled the South Coast to Hofn, hike the Glacier Breidamerkurjokyll, visited the Ice Blue Cave, visited the Diamond Lagoon and beach and spend the night in the middle of no where, an beautiful peaceful place where colors kept us impressed and dreamy !

Colors of Iceland – Part 1 – Colours and nature

Our first days in Iceland where simply magic. Iceland is endless impressive landscapes and almost a permanent sunrise / sunset.

Gold Faces in the Dark

This serie is been challenging… as we converted our 2 msq entrance in a dark studio last night and played with different lighting, gold make up and exposure. We are proud of this first test and will keep experimenting the concept.

Light War in London

Long exposure photographs by night always got us excited.

This week end, we worked on 2 related series: we first captured a light chaos in Oxford Street (London). For our second serie, we played with creativity to express the emotion and stress cities can generate.