A perfect week end in South West England (Stonehenge, North Cornwall)

We travel often abroad but we forget to discover place around where we leave, so for the first time in 3 years, we went to visit Stonehenge and we continued our road trip down to Cornwall.

It was honestly freezing and extremely windy (hard to take photos) but what a week end full of peace and positivism. Nature delivered her great show with beauty and power. We’ve been amazed by colours, reflections and movement.

If you plan to go down to Cornwall and you’re staying in Newquay, we advise Lazy Waves Bed & Breakfast. The hosts are absolutely great. We felt very well welcomed. They pay attention to details, build a personalised experience, are honestly very kind and super helpful. On top of it, the house is beautiful and you can have a room with a sea view  (perfect if you want to watch the sunset from your balcony). Breakfast was very good as well (almost too much).

2 thoughts on “A perfect week end in South West England (Stonehenge, North Cornwall)”

    1. Thank you. Still exploring our new cameras and filters and ball but getting there 🙂 thank you for your comment. It’s much more coming soon with Iceland, Dusseldorf and Vienna by end of this year

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